Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kathy Ireland speaks about abortion

This is perhaps one of the best short accounts of the pro-life position I have heard...

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Keaton said...

It really seems like such a great and obvious argument. I'm bewildered that I've never heard one like it or with such clarity for abortion.
Being able to argue from a scientific standpoint, I think, is extremely important for Christians in a fallen world. For how else can we uphold a Christian worldview on salient issues, such as abortion, gay marriage, etc, when atheists share opposing opinions far removed from the Bible? If the creation (nature) is in perfect union with God's will, and if God's will deems certain issues right or wrong, then it follows that the creation (nature) will deem these certain issues right or wrong, in its perfect accordance with God, as well, whether it be via logic, philosophy, science, etc. The christian must work hard to investigate these matters in order to truly obtain a Christian worldview. This lady proves the point with her argument. God's creation is good, science, philosophy, and logic included; however, it takes some work and help from the holy spirit to find it when Satan rules the world.
Someone smarter than me please tell me if I'm right or wrong, for I would hate to be thinking like this in error.