Sunday, February 22, 2009

7 Reasons There is No Condemnation for Christians!

As I have been preaching through Romans 8, I have been focused on following Paul's argument for how there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. He lays out at least the following 7 supports (which I have modified from D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones):

1. You are united to Christ and set free from the Law by the Spirit. Romans 8:2-4
2. You are indwelt by the Spirit who resurrected Christ and gives life to you. Romans 8:5-11
3. As those indwelt by the Spirit, you are adopted sons of God. God does not reject his children but makes them co-heirs with Christ. Romans 8:12-17
4. As adopted sons, indwelt by the Spirit, you have the guarantee that you will be resurrected and glorified. Romans 8:18-25
5. As those indwelt by the Spirit, we are helped by the Spirit during this difficult life. God does not leave us alone, but helps us even to pray appropriately. Romans 8:26-27
6. God's character is on the line in our certain justification. God chose us from the beginning and will complete his work. God will not cease being for us in Christ. Romans 8:28-34
7. God's love in inseparable and unconquerable. Romans 8:35-39

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