Saturday, January 3, 2009

Major Gift of New Land!

Sovereign Grace received a major gift this last week of 18.2 acres of land. We had been praying all year that God would provide land and on December 30th I had the privilege of officially signing for the gift. Here is a picture of our land on Snow Road and Old Farm Road. Our land is outlined in red below.


Brian said...

I think that is awesome, Praise The Lord! A perfect example of the power of prayer. Our God in Heaven does listen to his people and continues to bless them exceedingly.

Brian Ayala

carol grams said...

Hi Chad! What a great opportunity and location for a church plant, as you dream of one building many other churches.
I was sharing with my boss, Jeff, and he was stating about you filing your land division application before April first, before traffice impact fees increase. email me,if you are interested. Jeff and I spoke of other things as well